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Who we are

Fuugo is a global integration and development company in OTT industry. We have over 10 years of unique experience and product portfolio in broadcast and over-the-top technology. We have witnessed the establishment (emergence) and development (evolution) of the OTT industry and we developed a solution that is missing in the market.

We provide media companies with an end-to-end OTT solution that controls, configures, manages and analyzes the whole OTT service chain. Our flagship product, Fuugo Symphony, is an integrated dashboard that consists of seven solution modules: Fuugo Ingest (signal acquisition, transcode & transmux, storage), Fuugo Content (media management, advertising), Fuugo Audience (product, subscriber & revenue management), Fuugo Shield (Security, DRM, watermarking/fingerprinting), Fuugo Deliver (Content delivery), Fuugo Xperience (Web & Mobile OTT applications), Fuugo Insights (Data analytics and Reporting).

Together with Fuugo Director, in-house built API & connector layer, Fuugo is able to integrate any solution offered in the market to just one platform and provide users with a unique marketplace where OTT players can find anything they need from the best vendors.

Why Fuugo

We are the pioneers of the industry. We have witnessed the emergence and development of the OTT industry. Thus, with over 10 years unique experience in broadcast and OTT technology we have found a solution that was missing in the market and brought it to life.

Fuugo is the most reliable, flexible and competitive partner. We offer a unique end-to-end OTT platform that orchestrates the high-class vendors from the industry and deliver superior customized solution to each client. Our main competitive advantage is an ability to orchestrate any possible solution available in the market. We will suggest you a pre-integrated vendor according to your needs and requirements or you can bring your own partner to integrate it to the platform!

Our TeamOur team is the company's asset. It combines ambitious professionals from 6 nationalities who are dedicated to make Fuugo the most reliable market place in the market. Our team members are pioneers of the OTT industry that have the most sufficient experience and knowledge about the technology. We are committed to make it work!

Robert J. Gribnau


Clay Lambert

VP Operations & Support

Nelson Hulett

VP Global Marketing & Product

Kuba Niegowski

Chief Architect

Luis Brenes

Sr. Solutions Engineer/Solutions Architect

Łukasz Zdanikowski

Full Stack Developer

Marie Pardo

Finance Manager

Rafał Stokowski

Sr. Operations Engineer

Soraya Suárez

Brand & Design Manager


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