A turn-key solutionCustomized according to your business specifications

Fuugo provides a turn-key solution for monetizing your video content. We are aware that it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to find a trustworthy vendor. It is even harder and more resource-consuming to find several reliable vendors and manage them in order to build the whole OTT platform from the scratch. For this reason we brought together the high-class partners in just one platform. We will take care of everything from setting up a customized platform to the 24/7 technical support. With Fuugo you don’t need to be a technical specialist to start an OTT business. Just one package, one contract and one support contact.  

Fuugo Symphony takes into consideration specific needs of certain groups of companies, e.g. cable TV companies, broadcasters, media companies, sport promotional companies, news agencies, etc.

Fuugo OTT Solutions

TV operators

LTE bandwidth optimization

VOD libraries

Online sport events

Zero latency is the most important feature for sport promotional companies as in order to deliver a comprehensive online stream of sport competitions, there has to be no delays in the stream.

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News agencies

For news providers it is crucial that the platform is able to refresh often and quickly.

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We simplify complexity

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SolutionsOur special solutions for certain business models

LTE bandwidth optimizationFor delivering more comprehensive user experience, we offer you a LTE broadcasting or Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) service

LTE Broadcasting

Nowadays LTE got widespread among mobile operators as it delivers higher bandwidth with the lowest amount of spectral resources, delivers better user experience and allows to offer services to end users with lower costs. Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) or LTE broadcasting provides LTE service providers with an opportunity to cut costs per bit and deliver content to multiple users in just once.

What is multicast? Multicast vs unicast

Multicast is a group communication where content is delivered simultaneously to a group of users. Multicast provides an alternative for distributing content to meet “clustered” demand, for example, distributing local regional live events. Therefore, the multicast deployment decision can be assessed by market and by region.  This “one-to-many” distribution mode is a valuable alternative to unicast (one sender, one receiver) when a large number of users are interested in the same content. One of the advantages of multicast is that LTE resources, reserved for eMBMS, are only used when needed, thus, creating absolutely no impact on LTE unicast capacity at other times.

When is multicast used?

The most common uses for multicast include distributing video, music, software, news, weather, ads and other data to a mass audience. The content can be live or preloaded for later usage, which has the potential for additional cost savings. Many mobile service providers are applying eMBMS solutions for live streaming, as eMBMS sessions can be set up dynamically and resources can be shared efficiently with unicast sessions.

Example of multicast employment.

Let’s take an example. During live streaming of major sports or news events, unicast must send the same video to every user individually. But multicast takes advantage of the inherent broadcast qualities of wireless networks to send the video only once to reach an equal number of end users. Thus, by using eMBMS the cost per Mb could be significantly reduced. Besides, less equipment will be required to operate the network for the same number of megabits delivered.

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